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We represent the evolution on professional services as we foster the new paradigms of innovation, entrepreneurship, autonomy, digital technologies, AI and agility.


Enabling your organization to become a truly digital, experience-driven business.

Truly becoming a digital, experience-driven business requires a well architected and engineered technology platform, designed and built alongside your digital products and experiences.

Unlike traditional agencies supplying visual stories and isolated technical solutions, our industry experts, digital strategists and engineers support you from idea to production, helping to meet your business’ needs throughout the full Digital strategy, design, and engineering and integration lifecycle.

By covering strategy, user experience design, architecture, enterprise software engineering and intelligent platform automation, we act as a single strategic partner to design, deliver and support the frictionless digital solutions that enable your business to compete in this fast moving fluid environment.


We drive change through collaboration.

Seamlessly integrating into your teams, Adot engineers drive the adoption of enterprise agile practices, creating a strong core of Agile practitioners within your organisations who, through a benefits-felt mentality, are able to facilitate the cultural change across all the layers of the business while actually delivering products and services at the same time.

Unlike consultants who design and deliver processes from outside the business within the business, we work alongside our partners to understand their challenges from within, cascading processes we define and build together. We don’t advise you how to adopt agile, we support you in becoming agile.


Remove technical and organisational friction through efficient automation.

We don’t just automate at the user interface level and integrate test automation into the software production process but strive to remove all of the roadblocks on the path to production by finding and automating inefficient manual processes throughout the product lifecycle.

Focusing on automating infrastructure creation, change, and management, we use modern cloud-based technologies and an infrastructure-as-code philosophy to make infrastructure change as agile and responsive as modern software development can be.

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